Discover How to Accelerate Promotability
Take the mystery out of the career advancement process and align the promotability players, balance your leadership tables and boost your bottom line.
Promotability Solutions

We believe fast-tracking the promotability of underrepresented individuals is not only good for business it's good for everyone. We offer 2 solutions to support individuals and organizations to increase their promotability literacy and see tangible career advancement results.

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Join PromoteHer co-founders Jennifer Deane and Lisa Martin for a 12-minute on-demand webcast entitled, An Inside Look at the PromoteHer Playbook: How Organizations Can Accelerate Gender Balanced Leadership.
PromoteHer Playbook

This report presents the key findings from our PromoteHer Beta, which resulted in narrowing the average program promotability gap by 50% and 23% of participants earning a raise and a promotion.

It will help HR leaders, Learning & Development professionals, and individuals committed to the EDI  agenda learn:

  • Why accelerating gender balanced leadership is more important than ever before
  • How one power dynamic significantly impacts female promotability
  • The 3 promotability decelerators for women
  • How calculating and improving a woman’s Promotability Quotient (PQ) will achieve a higher rate of promotion
  • Why excelling in 10 Promotability Primers and 5 Promotability Competencies is essential for promotion
  • What organizations can do to close the Promotability Gap
  • Details about the PromoteHer 90-day Program

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You may receive the occasional email from PromoteHer. Your information will not be shared.

PromoteNow Co-Founders
Lisa Martin, PCC

Lisa Martin has managed teams, been a partner in a national firm, owned her own companies – even written 5 books on leadership, including the bestseller Briefcase Moms. 

Lisa has coached 1000’s of individuals 1:1 and in peer groups; designed and delivered 100’s of leadership development programs for world-class organizations in-person and online; and licensed her programs to local and global organizations.

Jennifer Deane, PCC

Jennifer Deane has 20 years of  experience helping people and teams accelerate results through coaching, targeted training and development. 

In recent years, Jennifer has focussed her work in Gender EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) helping organizations assess and shape their cultures to support gender balance.  Jennifer coaches senior executive leaders globally and is an expert in coaching women to become visionary, confident, and inspirational leaders.

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